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Health and Safety

Proud to be safe

When you come to work at Battersea Reach our team does everything it can to ensure that return home safe and sound at the end of the day to your family.  The staff at Battersea Reach believe that no one should be put in danger or endanger others when working here, we try to encourage a cultural change towards safety so that everyone is looking after themselves and those around us by changing our attitude towards safety.

We want our development to be the safest in the Berkeley Group and the UK. 'This is Battersea Reach' is our mantra; meaning it doesn't matter how things are done elsewhere, they are done right here.

There are 4 things to remember:

  • Speak up about safety
  • Be receptive when people speak up to you
  • Acknowledge people when they are being safe
  • Lead by example

Proud to be Safe is exactly that; there is no point in working unsafely, be part of the way forward be proud that you can work safely. We have trained many of the supervisors currently on site and have seen an improvement in the safety of the work being undertaken, but that isn't the whole story, everyone working at Battersea Reach needs to take part, you will be set up to succeed in a safe working environment, join in and keep that spirit going by following the right, safe working practices. We are firm on safety matters; we expect everyone to improve safety standards and apply their experience and knowledge to undertaking work activities safely.

If you need have any questions about any aspect of our safety message or about safety in general then please do not hesitate to approach our Site Team; we're all here to help.

Safety Committee

If you are an operative working on our site at Battersea Reach please attend and take part in one of our Safety Committee meetings. The idea is for you the workforce to put your views how we may better improve conditions or the overall safety on site.

If you can't make it to the meetings don't feel you can't have your say, please speak up to one of the site team, if there's a problem or issue let us know so that we can do something about it.

Safety Leadership Team structure for St George Developments


St George's Proud to be Safe initiative is, first and foremost, a training and support structure for the people who work on our developments.  It is currently targeted at Supervisors with the Leadership Key Skills for Supervisors workshop, or LKSS. This is an interactive workshop for supervisors and managers which teaches them how to put people to work safely and to facilitate the safety of the work and the workplace through having complete understanding of the tasks and the safe systems of work. It enables them to fully explain the risks and their mitigation to the operatives and ensure that work is carried out safely.

Free Breakfast

Each morning we provide free toast or porridge in the site canteen to everyone who is on site before 07:45 hrs in the morning.

Promotion of safe behaviour is provided through a 'green card' system. A voucher is given to anyone on site who is going the extra mile to be safe, that may be working in a particularly safe manner or pointing out a safety issue or unsafe condition to their supervisor or a St George manager so that something can be done to put it right, thereby avoiding an potential accident.  Green card vouchers are our way of saying thank you to those in the workforce who take the time to be safe and to think of other's safety, they are worth £5 in the canteen whether that's for breakfast or lunch and will cover the costs of a cooked meal and a drink.

Occupational Health

At Battersea Reach every Monday we have a visiting Occupational Health Nurse from our partners Park Health and Safety Partnership. The nurse holds a regular clinic where a base health check is available. It is also possible to have more detailed health checks such as cholesterol checks etc. by prior appointment and at a small cost. Please book all appointments through our nurse on site.

Health topics

  • October - Lung Health Awareness
  • November - Liver health
  • December - Alcohol awareness

We will be continuing the seminars throughout 2016 on many topics including drug awareness, effects of dust and many more.